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A/N: I got inspiration for this prompt here and I thought it would be kinda nice to write it out, so I hope you like it! 

A Soulmate Tattoo is a phrase and a symbol that only you and your significant other share. The Tattoos are always found on the same body part as your soulmate. You can go your whole life and not show your Tattoo to anyone, but that means you’ll never find ‘the one’. 

Ian and Mickey had been together for a while now 7 months and 8 weeks? Or was it 8 months? Neither could really remember because theirs was a relationship that they hadn’t expected at all. They’d always been at loggerheads for as long as they could remember yet somehow, slowly, they’d started linking pinkies when they walked – because holding hands was just a little too showy. Yeah they’d shared kisses before and all that lovers’ stuff.

Yet there came a point in time where Ian began to wonder if Mickey could possibly be ‘the one’.

They were in his room one day, both his younger siblings were out and Mickey was sitting on his bed, Ian at the desk trying to write an essay. However his eyes kept being distracted, glancing over to the raven-haired boy on his bed every few seconds. He couldn’t stop it; the question was just…there…on the tip of his tongue, waiting to be asked.

“What’s the matter Gallagher?” Mickey asked as he looked up and saw the redhead looking at him, “And don’t say ‘nothing’, or ‘I wasn’t looking at you’. I fucking saw you,” he teased knowing that Ian liked to do that most of the time when he wanted to pretend that it wasn’t important.

“I was wondering, you know the Tattoo, the Soulmate Tattoo…” Ian began as he swung about in the chair to face Mickey, “I want to see yours.”

Mickey’s brows furrowed together, “What for?” he asked.

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Syren Rua finally has what he’s always wanted. He’s settled into a life with his Marshal and the daughter they’re raising as a couple. Everything he’s been through, all the pain and dark memories, brought Syren this far, and he’s in a wonderful space. Happy and loved. Which is why he never sees the approaching danger until it’s too late.

Kane knows his lover well enough to know something is amiss. He isn’t prepared for the answers to his questions, but nothing will stop him from fighting beside Syren as they stand together to protect their family.