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48. meeting at a highschool reunion

A/N: Yayy I finally got around to writing something. I’m in my pre-school depression phase right now and I had no mood to do anything. But I’m glad that I finally finished something today. And a note to anyone else who asks for something from this list I will note down the prompt and write it when I can. You can check the ‘Fills’ to see if I’ve posted it up :) Anyway nonnie I hope you like this <3

Note: Names of other characters used in this story are unintentional and purely for fictional purposes. 

The homecoming dance. Way to go about pulling back the alumni from wherever they were now in all their various lives. Ian was curious to see how some people had turned out. It wasn’t like anyone had called him back to the reunion thing, it was just curiosity. So that night he left his job as early as possible – considering that he’d actually forgotten about the dance – to drive back down to the school.

There was one thing on his mind, well…one person on his mind actually. This boy…no correction, this delinquent – Mickey Milkovich – used to be Ian’s reason to get into detention. Ian liked him, he’d had a crush on him for the longest period of time and in all that time, in all that time spent there in school, be it in detention together with him or sharing the same classes, Ian hadn’t ever done more than exchange a few words as well as stare at him and watch him.

Of course there was that one time when they’d went to one of their classmate’s house and they were all playing spin the bottle. And Mickey’s spin landed on him and they’d kissed. Ian hadn’t ever forgotten that. The way the thug’s hands held his face and the way he leant into him, kissing him hard on the mouth. Ian remembered pulling Mickey into his lap, arms around the raven’s waist as the crowd around them cheered, hooted and howled, counting down a kiss that lasted three minutes plus.

Ian pulled into the parking lot now; it was a good half an hour since the dance had started. Hopefully no one would notice him. He turned to grab his jacket from the back seat killing the engine he got out of the car adjusting his dress shirt and then pulling the jacket over. Smart casual…he would have gone suit and tie but…Ian felt more comfortable like this. He took his time entering the building and finding his way down the hallways. He stopped by his old locker near the drinking fountain, reminiscing for a moment before he continued on down to the indoor sports hall.

There was music pounding out from behind closed doors. Ian swallowed hand on the door.

“Well here goes nothing,” he muttered as he pulled it open and then slipped into the hall.

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“God your lives are fuckin’ boring if my love life is your only source of entertainment,” Mickey grumbles as he slides into the booth with his beer, squeezing in next to Janelle while Rikki and Dalton take the other side.

“She won’t get jealous with you sitting next to me?” Janelle asks and Mickey is almost confused by the question before he remembers that they still think Ian is a woman.

In which Mickey’s coworkers learn that he has been in a relationship for ten years and the interrogation ensues.

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