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based on a prompt: Them as kids say around 4-6ish seriously just cute adorable little them.

Okay, so I may or may not have gone slightly overboard (as-fucking-always)

Mickey’s been hanging out at the baseball field ever since he was a little kid. ‘Course, mostly he was on his own, his big brothers were usually too busy with other stuff to play.

He would take down his little league bat (which used to be Joey’s before he got bored of it) and find an old baseball and head on down at the end of the day when all the practice was over. He was only seven but his parents didn’t really care if he was out after dark, so long as he was back before… well, as long as he was back.

So one night he headed out, bat over his shoulder and carrying the tatty old ball in the other hand, making his way out to the field. He liked it there, especially alone.

His house was so loud, lots of siblings and yelling and as much as he loved his little sister, she was a massive crybaby.

His method of practice was simple, throw the ball up really high, giving him enough time to get a good grip on the bat and take a big swing. He almost always missed.

There’s a reason baseball is a team sport.

So tonight he kept up his method, throw and miss, until he managed to time it just right, the bat hitting the ball with a massive clunk and flying out and into the dugout. Safe to say he was pretty happy with himself.

He dropped his bat and jogged over to the place where the ball had rolled and grinned to himself because damn it that was awesome!

As he jumped down into the pit to look for the ball he realised he wasn’t alone. He saw a small kid sitting with his back to him on one of the benches, leaning his head against the wall and holding his knees up against his chest.

Weird, there was almost never anyone here this late, Mickey thought. He walked over to the kid, calling out a ‘hey’ as he did.

The kid spun around, his face covered in freckles and his big eyes a little glassy.

"Who’re you?" Mickey asked, stopping a couple metres behind him.

The kid turned around, he had to have been about Mandy’s age, definitely not older than Mickey. He sniffed a little and wiped the back of his hand under his nose.

"Ian," he said quietly.

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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Shameless (US)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich
Characters: Ian Gallagher, Mickey Milkovich
Additional Tags: Character Study, kinda sad when you think about it, very little spoilers, one major spoiler but that’s it, set between 4x08 and 4x09 i guess

So, I guess I made as if Mickey’s been with the Gallaghers for a few days now. Mickey wants to figure out what’s going on with Ian.
He shall find out in the form of a game made for 13 year old girls: 20 Questions.

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Mickey heard more than saw the Gallaghers leave, his head down, hands gripping the counter, glaring into the cluttered sink. He could still hear Fiona’s words circling around his head, repeating the word ‘suicidal’ over and over again, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth and burning anger in his stomach.

“She has a point, Mick,” Mandy said softly, hovering in the kitchen entryway.

“Fuck off,” Mickey snarled, tightening his grip, the skin around his tattoos turning a stark white.

“I don’t want to see Ian get hospitalized anymore than you do, but…”

Mickey whirled around, taking a step towards his sister. “I said…” he trailed off when she barely held back a flinch. Silently cursing the piece of shit sitting at their kitchen table, Mickey drew in a shaky breath, running a hand down his face, his fingertips coming away wet. Embarrassed, he turned around, glaring into the sink again. Forcing himself to be calm, he quietly said, “He’s not going anywhere.”

“What are you gonna do,” Mandy started, her voice smaller than Mickey had ever heard it, “force food and pills down his throat until he gets better?”

“If I gotta.” He turned, moving slowly towards his sister, hissing, “I’ll do whatever I have to, to make sure he’s gonna be okay. So either you help me or stay the fuck outta my way.” He then stormed past Mandy, blatantly ignoring Svetlana and her blonde whatever, walking into his room. Mickey slammed the door behind him, leaning the back of his head against the wood, pressing the palms of his hands into his eyes.

He really should have expected this clusterfuck. Every time something good happened in his life, something else had to come along and fuck it up. He finally did something that Terry wouldn’t approve of, got shot and sent to juvie for his trouble. He’s finally in a place where he’s not repulsed by what he liked; Frank fucking Gallagher had to fuck it up. He finally kissed Ian, again he got shot for his trouble (though he’d take that bullet every single time just to feel Ian’s lips against his, and, yes, he knew how gay that sounded). He gathered up the courage to invite Ian over, try to get him out of that poor excuse for a boys’ home, Terry caught them. He thought he could still see Ian while being married to Svetlana, Ian took off to join the army. He gave into his impulses, kissed Ian in public, followed him to some stupid party, admitted they were together to a fucking stranger, and came out to fucking Terry and his entire family; all for fucking Ian Gallagher; all to prove that Ian wasn’t some fucking mistress or whatever.

They were finally happy, finally in a place where they could be free, could be together, and some fucking piece of shit bi-whatever came along and fucked that up. The absolute worst part, Mickey couldn’t fight this for Ian. He couldn’t shoot at it, couldn’t stab it, couldn’t scare it away with the Milkovich scowl. This thing, this bi-whatever, came from inside Ian. His own damn demons working against him, and there wasn’t much Mickey could do to help him.

But he wasn’t about to have Ian taken away either. Not about to see him get shoved into some hospital; locked away, under the care of some cold blooded bitch nurse, some Nurse Ratched whatever, who wouldn’t give two flying fucks about Ian the individual. She would only see Ian the crazy patient who could turn a knife or a gun on himself without batting an eyelash.

An involuntary sob broke free from Mickey’s lips, but he forced himself to stay in control. He wasn’t about to cry like some bitch, he wasn’t gonna let this disease win. He might not be able to fight Ian’s inner demons for him, but he could damn well be there to pick up the pieces when Ian eventually snapped out of his depression.

Mickey lowered his hands, kicking his boots off, and crossed the room. He crawled onto his bed, hovering over Ian, right hand hesitating before running through the younger boy’s hair, his heart clenching when Ian muttered, “Go away.”

“I know you wanna be left alone,” Mickey started softly, “but I’m not gonna go away. You hear me? I lost you once, I ain’t losing you again.”

He sounded like such a pansy, and if Ian weren’t dealing with his own shit, he wouldn’t let Mickey hear the end of it. But life had fucked them over, fucked Ian over, and it’d probably be a long while before Ian smiled again let alone gave Mickey shit for some girly crap he said.

Mickey laid down, head on the edge of Ian’s pillow, forehead resting against the younger boy’s back, his hand still tangled in the red head’s hair. He hadn’t been lying when he told Svetlana he didn’t know if he loved Ian. Mickey had never been in love, wasn’t quite sure what love actually felt like, but if it had anything to do with the queasy feeling in his stomach every time Ian smiled, the way his heart skipped a beat when they kissed, or the way he felt free whenever he and Ian were alone then he might be in love.

Pressing a feather light kiss against Ian’s skin, letting his hand drift down the younger boy’s face and settle on his chest, Mickey whispered, “We’re gonna get through this, Ian. I-I promise.” Mickey had once heard Ian say Gallaghers pay their debts. Well, Milkoviches kept their promises, and even if it’s the last thing he did, Mickey was going to make sure Ian came back to him.

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Chapters: 27/27
Fandom: Shameless (US)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich, Amanda (Shameless)/Lip Gallagher
Characters: Ian Gallagher, Mickey Milkovich, Original Characters, Mandy Milkovich, Fiona Gallagher, Debbie Gallagher, Lip Gallagher, Carl Gallagher, Liam Gallagher (Shameless US), Amanda (Shameless US)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, I’m gonna add tags as I go, teacher!Mickey, student!Ian, High School AU, (does this count as a hs au), he’s a history teacher i’m so excited for this, ficadayinmay, blood tw kinda, Dick Pics, inappropriate relationship, i feel like mick is slightly ooc, badly written almost-smut, writing at 3am LOL, ian is still a carrot, cheesy admissions of love, Implied Sexual Content, um kind of like actual smut stuff too now whoops, Sexting, weee christmas, i have no sense of timelines just roll with it, Angst, Mentions of Rape, rape tw, Drug Use, happy endings, Bipolar Disorder, (not a major part of the fic - just discussion)
Series: Part 7 of Fic A Day In May

Mickey Milkovich is a history teacher. Ian Gallagher is a student in one of his classes. Hijinks will ensue!

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So I’ve read multiple Soul mate AUs and I’m
super obsessed sooo.. Enjoy!

—-   The Fuck Are You Lookin’ At? by Gallafics

Ian sighed. That’s all he seemed to be doing lately- sighing. Not sighs of sadness, or longing. No, sighs of contentment, maybe even happiness. His 15 year old life was the best it’s been in a long time. He had Kash- who was great for him, he had a job with his boyfriend- and yeah, Kash’s wife was breathing down their necks but damn, their lunch breaks were golden; and he’d been pulling his weight and all the Gallaghers seemed to be as happy as Gallaghers get.

He slowly sat up, looking up to the bunk bed to see if Lip was still asleep. Of course he was, it was Saturday. Lip’s foot was sticking out and dangling off the edge of the bed. “Move over, asshole.” In black bubbly handwriting was wrapped around his ankle. Ian liked to make fun of its placement, how it was like a girly tattoo. But in reality Ian was jealous.

He’d wanted his words to appear more than anything on this earth. I mean, yeah, he liked Kash but Kash wasn’t his soul mate. Please, Kash hasn’t even gotten his words yet. Ian shook his head and sleepily rose.

This soul mate stuff always bothered him. Wondering when exactly he was going to have the blotchy ink appear and watch it slowly form words like a countdown to seeing the person you’re supposed to love forever. Then there was the part of him that always wondered what would be on his body, would it be something stupid? Like, “Hey, you got some gum?” or something as simple as “Hi, I’m John.” Having someone’s first words to you on your body forever was a big deal.

He pushed open the bathroom door while shoving the sleep from his eyes. Then he always had his panicked moment- what if it was a girl? Could he handle that? Had he been wrong about himself the whole time? He removed his shirt and turned on the water for the shower remembering V had asked him for her help with something today.

He put his head down under the warm water, he slowly let his hand run over his chest then stomach, sighing yet again. He opened his eyes looking at the floor of the shower when suddenly he gasped. On his right hip bone was splotchy black ink not yet forming words. The splotches looked like he had a nasty bruise or maybe some strange disease that involved black gunk.

He quickly turned the water off, his heart wanted to pump out of his chest. He haphazardly wrapped a towel around his waist.

“Lip!” He shoved his older brother’s leg. “Lip wake up!”

“What Ian?” Lip’s face was still shoved in a pillow.

“Look!” He hissed. He didn’t remember why he was whispering anymore.

With disheveled hair and pillow marks on his face, Lip sat up slightly. “Huh?”

Ian pointed at the spot just where the towel hanged loosely on his hips.

“Shit, Ian. Congrats, Man. Can you make out the words yet?”

“No it’s just blotchy… Hey Lip?” He stepped a little closer to the bunk bed looking at his brother honestly. “Have you found her yet?”

Lip pushed a hand to his eye, blinking at the light coming in from the window. “No. I mean, it makes sense that she talks first though right? I probably bump into her or something.”

“Yeah..” Ian couldn’t wait. He couldn’t wait to get full words so he too could imagine the guy bumping into him or dropping his books in the hall way. He sighed again looking down at the blotch with a smile.



A week later Ian was on a ladder stacking things on shelves at the Kash and Grab. The door dinged open and in walked Mandy Milkovich, her arms folded sweetly behind her. She practically skipped over to Ian.

The Milkoviches where legendary, that much Ian knew. They were fighters and criminals so no one should dare mess with a single one of them. Ian sort of faltered where he stood on the ladder. How was he supposed to be cautious if the only girl of the Milkoviches was skipping herself underneath his ladder looking up at him expectantly?

Then he remembered- just two days ago he’d stoop up for her in biology to a group of creepy dudes. He’d never actually spoken directly to Mandy though.

“Hello, Handsome.” She stated, a slight blush making its way to her pale face.

Ian looked up more to see Kash spying at them from the register.

“Um. Hi.” He looked down with a smile.

“Oh,” Mandy’s smooth attitude faded, her lips falling from its smile. “Okay.”

“What?” Ian slowly climbed down the ladder.

“I.. I just thought..” Her right hand grabbed her left wrist, which was covered in too many thread and bead bracelets.

Ian swallowed, “You thought I was your words?”

She backed away a little, “You’re a nice guy. I was kind of hoping.”

Ian smiled, a blush rising on his freckled cheeks. “I just got my blotchy crap a week ago. It’s not readable yet.”

Kash perked up at the register. Ian hadn’t told him. Considering where it was Ian wondered how Kash didn’t even notice.

“We… Should hang out.” Mandy attempted at being pleasant, she did genuinely like the Gallagher.


Then Mandy was skipping again, Ian watched as her colored hair bounced out of the door.


Mandy and Ian got along really well. Ian felt comfortable with her; he’d came out to her yesterday night. Mandy basically acted like nothing changed except now when she pulled out a magazine she asked Ian if he would bang whatever male celebrity was on the cover.

Her older brother Mickey, Ian was pretty sure he was Lip’s age, slammed the front door now, causing Mandy and Ian to jump slightly.

They sat crisscross in front of each other on Mandy’s bed going over the biology assignment they got earlier that day.

“So, are they readable yet?” Mandy asked chewing the edge of her pencil.

Ian didn’t even know. It was strange but he’d lost interest after a couple weeks just like Lip had. It was all up to fate, pining after it would be pointless.

After a small moment of silence Mandy sprang into action pushing Ian down on the bed pinning his arms down and straddling his hips. He struggled. Maybe he didn’t want to know his words. Maybe he just wanted to fall in love.

Mandy laughed as she lifted up his shirt and pulling his pants down a little on his right side. “The-” Mandy had started to recite but Mickey stopped in the door frame of her room, shielding his eyes.

“Fuck! Mandy! Close the door if you’re gonna fuck your boyfriend!”

“Mick! Get out!” She screeched the way little sisters do.

Mickey laughed, closing the door behind him as he left.

Ian scrunched his eyes shut, waiting for Mandy to continue reading his words.

“The fuck are you lookin’ at?” She said.

“I’m not. My eyes are shut, Mand. What does it say?”

“That.” She held back a laugh. “Ian, it says the fuck are you lookin’ at.

He opened his eyes, they burned. Was he really going to cry? His words were not what he expected, not at all. Did his soul mate not like him? He had to like him, right?

Mandy saw his face and stopped her laughter. “Ya know living on the south side kind of insures your soul mate is a potty mouth, Ian.” She started to take her bracelets off.

“Holy shit.” Ian said, saying the words that were blackened onto Mandy’s skin. “Wait. That’s it? That’s all he says to you? Holy shit?”

Mandy sighed, laying back on the bed next to Ian.

Mickey shook his head, shaking away the laughter he’d just been medicated with by his younger sister and her stupid red head boyfriend.

He stepped into the bathroom looking in the mirror, turning his head slightly, he made sure the door was closed. His hands gripped the sink. Today was the day. He felt it. His words were readable today, he knew.

He lifted his shirt, on his chest in a ring were his words just over his heart. He stared. Reading them over and over. He didn’t know how to feel about them. But then again, Mickey Milkovich didn’t know how to feel about anything.

Ian leaned on the counter of the Kash and Grab; his shift was slow today. He blew out a sigh.

The door dinged and Mickey Milkovich entered. Ian rolled his eyes.

He didn’t have a problem with Mickey but he didn’t like him either. He treated Mandy like shit, all the Milkoviches did.  But even so, Ian couldn’t stop himself from staring as Mickey dragged his thumb across his bottom lip in concentration. Mickey’s blue eyes shifted from one Pringles can to another. Shit, Ian kind of wanted him to never decide between BBQ and Cool Ranch. There was a spot of dirt on Mickey’s cheek and Ian just wanted to wipe it off with his thumb. He imagined doing it lovingly.

Mickey bit his lip when out of the corner of his eye he saw Ian lean over the counter slightly closer to him, almost as if to get a better look.

Mickey scowled, “The fuck are you lookin’ at?”

Ian eyes were wide and his heart pounded; the words on his hip seemed to burn and freeze at the same time.

He automatically had to restrain himself from choking out a “nothing.”

He doubted a measly little nothing was printed somewhere on Mickey’s body.

Mickey rolled his eyes and grabbed a Pringles can from the shelf, walking out without paying.

Fuck, Ian thought, Mickey fuckin’ Milkovich.

That night Ian lay in bed rubbing his finger over the words lightly. “Mickey fuckin’ Milkovich” had become a mantra in his head. He kind of couldn’t believe it but at the same time he understood.

Ian didn’t know who to tell, he really didn’t.

He thought maybe he should’ve blurted out the word nothing. It’d save him from what he was experiencing now.

What was he going to say to him? He wished he could just ask Mickey what his words said- but then his words would be “What do your words say?” He hit himself lightly in the forehead with him palm.  He could ask Mandy to ask Mickey what his words said but he felt like that was cheating. And he didn’t know if Mickey knew he was gay yet. He didn’t want to out his soul mate to his sister before he even knew.

Ian sighed, drumming his fingers on his stomach. No, it wasn’t a content, happy sigh. It was a sigh of sadness and longing.

Mandy came slamming into the Gallagher house weeks and weeks later. Ian hadn’t been over to her house in fear that he might say something to Mickey. In fact, he’d kind of been avoiding even hearing the name Milkovich much less seeing one.

“The fuck, Ian?” She said hitting him in the stomach when she found him lying on his bed with his headphones in.

He grabbed where she hit, “I’m sorry, Mandy! I can explain.”

“Oh? Please fuckin’ explain why my only friend just dropped me out of nowhere!” She crossed her arms, ready to hear whatever bullshit the Gallagher was about to spew from his mouth.

“I…” He suddenly felt as though he was going to vomit. “I, uh.. um.”

“Fuck you, Ian.” She frowned, she went to leave but slammed into Lip. They both attempted to go through the door way at the same time.

She shoved him, anger for one Gallagher flowing to the other. “Move over, asshole.”

Lip paused, looking down at her. The cigarette dangling from his lips moved while he spoke, “Holy shit.”

Ian couldn’t believe it; he was watching a word exchange.

Mandy stepped back, she threw her gaze to Ian. He had thought Mandy and Lip had to have spoken to each other at least once in passing but apparently not.

“Holy shit.” Ian agreed.

“God, Ian. It’s just so nice, ya know? It’s like you’re being burned but then drowned by ice. I guess that’s love.” Mandy was twirling in a desk chair that Mickey had gotten for her from someone’s garbage.

“Yeah.” Ian replied. He was lying back on Mandy’s bed his eyes shut tight. “I know.”

Mandy was kind of acting annoying lately, but Ian let her have her fun. She eventually would be in love with Lip for real and none of this “omg he’s perfect” shit all the time.

“I can’t wait for you to meet yours, Ian. You think he’s gonna be all big and tall and sexy?” She stood up on her desk chair, trying to act tall and puffing out her chest. Attempting a deep voice she says “The fuck are you lookin’ at?”

Ian laughs as she blows him “masculine” fake kisses and winks. “No, I don’t think he’ll be big and tall.” He laughed more thinking of Mickey. But he is sexy, he thought.

She jumped onto the bed, “You act like you already know.”

Ian sat up a little, looking Mandy in the eye. She hit him.

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me, shit head?” She yelled. “Who is it? Holy fuckin’ shit, Ian!”

Ian laughed, accepting her hits. “You’re not gonna believe this.”

“MICKEY?” Mandy’s voice echoed through the house. Mickey’s head shot up from the gun he was cleaning at the kitchen table.

“MANDY, NO.” He heard yelled at the same volume. He heard garbled sounds of his sister yelling at someone, as if a hand covered her mouth.

Mickey’s chair scraped the floor. What the fuck was Gallagher doing with his sister?

He stood in the doorway, Gallagher had both his hands over Mandy’s mouth, his legs on either side of her body.

“Shut the fuck up.” Was all Mickey could say because the intensity of Ian’s eyes as he looked down at Mandy was something he didn’t want to cross.

Mandy shoved Ian as if his weight equaled paper, “The fuck are you lookin’ at, Mick?” Mandy couldn’t hold in her laughter then.

She acted as if she’d just said the funniest thing of all things. “Lighten up.” She said to Ian, who was looking at Mickey as if he wanted to say something but just couldn’t find it in himself to.

And he couldn’t. Ian’s heart pounded.

“You guys are a bunch of faggots.” Mickey turned back to leave, but stayed just out of view near the door frame to listen in just in case Ian was going to jump on Mandy again.

“Ian..” Mandy’s voice was suddenly confused. “How does he not know?”

“I’ve never talked to Mickey in my life. That day in the store I was gonna say something but he left.” Mickey could sense the red head blush.

Mickey’s palms got sweaty and his tongue stuck into the corner of his mouth. “It’s funny, he never told me he even got his words..” Mandy pondered.

Mickey ran away then straight to his Stay The Fuck Out sign. Maybe Mickey didn’t like fate. Maybe Mickey didn’t want to love.

Mickey wasn’t stupid; he connected the dots. Ian Gallagher was his soul mate. He knew it was going to be a boy, he’s always known. But that’s honestly what scared him the most.

He couldn’t remember the first thing he’d ever said to Ian. He hoped it wasn’t ridiculous- that every time Ian took his shirt off he had to see the dumb fuckin’ words of Mickey Milkovich.

Suddenly Ian walked into his room. Mickey’s heart raced. He waited for the words to drip out of Ian’s mouth like a medication bag at the hospital. And Mickey was prepared to be hooked up for life, to be sedated by Ian’s red hair and the laugh Mickey has only heard through the wall.

But Ian just pointed to the bathroom. Mickey deflated. “I know you’re not a fuckin’ mime.”

Then Mickey laghed, “Imagine that’s what your words were? I know you’re not a fuckin’ mime?”

Ian shuffled his feet awkwardly. “Shit, Gallagher just say it!”

Ian took a step back. Mickey knew?

Ian stared hard, almost like he was trying to look through Mickey’s clothes to read the words from his skin like a script.

Ian opened his mouth. Mickey’s heart pounded.

Was there still a chance it wasn’t Gallagher? What if Gallagher spoke and it wasn’t the words that were etched into the skin over his heart?

“You’re…” Ian spoke slowly looking for words, looking at Mickey. “Kind of…” Each word was set a flame on his skin one at a time as Ian said them. “Perfect.”

There it was. The word Mickey Milkovich never thought he’d hear. When he’d looked in the mirror that day and saw that sentence in a ring over his heart he didn’t know what to feel. But he did feel- he’d felt lied to, he’d felt like no one would ever say that to him. That god was playing a cruel trick on one of his personal favorite fuck ups.

But right now he sort of felt the same. He felt like Ian Gallagher was too good for him, too good for any Milkovich.

Then Ian continued as if he could feel what Mickey felt, “I mean it.”

Mickey doubled over clenching his chest, “Ow, what the fuck!” He ripped his shirt over his head, on his chest “I meant it” Had appeared in a smaller circle within the bigger one.

Ian’s legs began to move to Mickey without Ian’s consent. He lifted up Mickey’s face catching their lips together. Their words felt like they crackled to life on their skin like Ian and Mickey were finally real. The boys oozed into each other, becoming one being.

Ian pulled back, yet to open his eyes; he sighed. His happy, content sigh had returned.

There was a clear of a throat; their heads wiped to the door way, where Mandy stood with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face. She waggled her fingers in a wave.

“The fuck are you lookin’ at?” Both Ian and Mickey said at once.

“You guys are… Kind of perfect.” She then leaned in more and said in a hushed tone, “I mean it.”

She then giggled, put her arms behind her back and skipped away in that Mandy like way.

Green eyes met blue.

Maybe this soul mate shit won’t be so bad.


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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Shameless (US)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich, Ian Gallagher/Original Female Character
Characters: Ian Gallagher, Mickey Milkovich, Original Female Character(s), Svetlana Milkovich, Mandy Milkovich
Additional Tags: daddy! mickey, PWP, Pseudo-Incest, Idk if it is pseudo incest but to be safe, Frottage, Drunk Sex, Blow Jobs, Unsafe Sex, Cheating, Anal Sex, Bipolar Disorder, Smut, Fluff, ian and mickey will always drink hot chocolate in my fics

Mickey meets his daughters boyfriend Ian.

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